ESES Ambassadors

ESES Ambassadors

ESES Ambassadors work together with ESES Leadership Team to serve an international community by helping to fund raise for specific projects, working on project implementation and helping to guide the future of ESES. Ambassadors are volunteers who are interested in taking on a more active role in ESES projects and activities. The ambassador program is opened to undergraduate/graduate students and young professionals.

Being an ESES Ambassador is different from being a volunteer for ESES

  • Ambassador 
    • Targeted towards undergraduate/ graduate students and young professionals.
    • Ambassadors work alongside volunteers to spread our vision and help with fundraising to support our mission. They will also assist with current projects, create their own, and be a face for ESES.
  • Volunteer
    • Volunteering is open to all.
    • A volunteer within ESES is one who dedicates time to the nonprofit organization by assisting with fundraising processors and spreading our mission of what ESES encompasses.
    • To become a volunteer, simply contact us.

Thank you so much for your interest in being an ESES Ambassador. Currently, applications for the 2021 project year are closed.