Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an innovative sustainable and community-based solution for addressing the issue of mismanaged plastic waste around the world.  We want to help developing communities take control of their waste plastic challenge with Trash to Tank technology.

A grand challenge facing our planet is the problem of mismanaged, ocean-borne plastic waste. The Ellen MacArthur foundation estimates that unless the flow of plastic into the ocean is stopped, by 2050 the mass of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the mass of fish. If there is no destination for the plastic, it will still likely just be sent to a dump, where it will eventually make its way back into the ecosystem.

Plastic to fuel is, so far, the only technology that removes plastic from the ecosystem, and can lead to a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, on a life cycle basis. A problem faced by most ocean cleanup efforts is that once the plastic is brought ashore, it must still be dealt with.


To achieve our research goals, ESES strives to identify and reach out to educational or other non-profit institutions with a compatible scope and focus for such collaboration.


Empowered Solutions for Environmental Sustainability seeks to collaborate with educational and non-profit institutions in developing and disseminating technology suitable for implementing Waste to Energy projects supporting LMDCE.