What is PolyFuel?

What is PolyFuel?


PolyFuel is an oil that can be safely made from plastic types 2, 4, and 5. Using these polyolefin plastics allows us to make a clean, stable, light-colored fuel suitable in most diesel-compatible engines. Because plastics have no sulfur components to them, the fuel lets off no sulfur or SOx emissions when combusted.

To find what type of plastic is usable, simply cut it up and see if it floats or sink in water. Plastic floating can be skimmed off the top and used in the 3T processor to make PolyFuel.


PolyFuel is a fuel oil similar to standard number 2 fuel oil, commonly known as diesel fuel. Through a simple thermal decomposition process using the Trash to Tank (3T) processor, plastic waste can be converted to PolyFuel and used as a drop in fuel oil.